2024 Teachers Day Celebration

On May 2nd, the Birth Anniversary of His late Majesty the Third King, Bhutan celebrated Teachers’ Day, a poignant tribute to the vital role of educators in shaping society. The Choki Traditional Art School joined in this commemoration, orchestrating a heartfelt acknowledgment of their teachers’ dedication and impact.

Students took center stage, organizing a memorable day that spoke volumes of their gratitude. They expressed appreciation for their teachers’ unwavering commitment, acknowledging how their guidance had transformed lives, particularly coming from underprivileged backgrounds. The support and skills imparted had been invaluable in shaping their futures.

The day unfolded with vibrant cultural performances by the students, filled with nostalgic moments, laughter, and a delicious meal. In turn, teachers reciprocated the warmth, deeply touched by the outpouring of love and respect from their students. It was a day of mutual appreciation, underscoring the profound bond between educators and learners. 

2024 Teachers Day Celebration