Student Daily Schedule

5:00am Rise

5:30am Morning Prayer

6:30am Morning Study

7:15am SUPW

7:45am Breakfast

8:30am Assembly

9:00am First Period

9:45am Second Period

10:30am Short Break

10:45am Third Period

11:30am Fourth Period

12:15pm Lunch Break

1:15pm Fifth Period

2:00pm Sixth Period

2:45pm Short Break

3:00pm Seventh Period

3:45pm Eighth Period

4:30pm Games / SUPW

5:30pm Evening Prayer

6:30pm Dinner

7:30pm Night Study

9:00pm Bed

9:30pm Light Off




5:00 AM


5:30 AM - 6:30 AM

Morning Prayer

6:30 AM

Morning Study

7:15 AM


SUPW- Social Useful Productive Work

7:45 AM


On weekends and holidays,

breakfast is at 8:30

8:30 AM


9:00 AM

1st Period

9:45 AM

2nd Period

10:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Short Break

Duration: 15 min

10:45 AM

3rd Period

11:30 AM

4th Period

12:15 AM - 1:15 PM

Lunch Break

Duration :1 hour

2:00 PM

5th Period

2:00 PM

6th Period

2:45 PM

Short Break

Duration: 15 min

3:00 PM

7th Period

3:45 PM

8th Period

4:30 PM

Games / SUPW

5:30 PM

Evening Prayer

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Duration: 1 hour

7:30 PM

Night Study

9:00 PM


9:30 PM

Light Off


Construction of a New Multipurpose Hall!

We would like to announce the construction of a new Multipurpose Hall!

Alan and Patricia Bickell have once again offered to provide a matching grant in support for this new multipurpose hall construction proposal.

Please support us in this endeavor to create and improve a conducive learning environment for the underprivileged Bhutanese youth.