Supplementary classes

Aside from the main course and associated classes, students are also required to take supplementary classes for a well-rounded learning experience.


Students learn basic computer skills such as typing, creating slides, using the internet as a resource and basic graphic design. The program was introduced in 2012  with the objective to provide basic IT knowledge.


Students learn simple Dzongkha with the basic skills of reading and writing in Dzongkha. Since Dzongkha is a key aspect of our culture, students are taught Dzongkha to enrich their craft and learning experience.


Students learn simple English with the basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. They learn to comprehend simple texts and hold conversations in english.


Students learn simple math skills like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers to solve problems. They also learn basic formulas and equations.

Certificate Level

“Certificate Level” is a strategic option for students who are taking longer duration courses such as painting, carving and embroidery. Students can attend a minimum of three years, which is sufficient to find basic employment, and can choose to opt for Certificate Level if they are unable to attend the full course. However, the school encourages all students to complete the entire course duration to earn the “Diploma Certificate” and  acquire comprehensive professional skills and increase their potential earning power throughout their careers.

Diploma Level

Courses with shorter duration, such as the tailoring course, receive the “Certificate Level”. An exception is made for the weaving course to make it more appealing and to encourage greater interest in this declining traditional art. Therefore, students who complete the three-year weaving course are issued with the “Diploma Certificate”.