Student Sponsorship

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Lhadri (Painting) - 6 years

Support the entire course duration and help the student receive National Certificate (NC3). This equip the student to become aprofessional painter, competent to draw any intricate traditional (rimu) sketches and paintings of god/goddesseswith detailed dress and ornaments, mandala (used as objects or supports for meditation, rituals and empowerment) and wall frescos.

Cost per Student– USD 5700

Lhadri (Painting) - 3 years

Sponsorship for 3 years (NC2 certificate) which will equip the students with basic painting skills adequate to find decent work opportunities.  The students are competent to prepare traditional paints, draw traditional symbols&flowers, 12 zodiac animals, Thuenpapunzhi(the Four Harmonious Friends), eight lucky signs, Gyeltshenngaduen (Seven Precious Possession of the Chakravartin) and the features of the Buddha (face, hand and legs with precision).

Cost per Student– USD 2850

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Trans Bhutan Trail!

CTAS Fundraising Challenge!

Koenraad & Lynne Foulon, long-time and major patrons of our school, are organizing a fundraising trek to benefit CTAS beginning on 30th March of this year. 

For those who wish to follow the intrepid adventurers from 30 March to 12 April, you can follow us on: