About CTAS

Located just north of the capital of Bhutan, in the beautiful mountain valley of Kabesa, Choki Traditional Art School is the only private institute that provides free education to underprivileged youths who have a keen interest in learning the traditional arts and crafts.

The school focuses on developing solid background and skills of the students so that they can go on to become independent and contribute to preserving Bhutan’s unique art and culture.

Message from the Founder

“I have been in traditional painting my whole life and now, nearing the end of my life, my humble contribution will be to pass the skills to the younger generation. We must preserve our values and customs, our culture and tradition. This is one of our identities, if it disappears,it’s gone forever.”

- Late Dasho Choki Dorji


Choki Traditional Art School (CTAS) founded by Thrimdep Choki Dorji in 1999.

After his retirement from Civil Service, the late Dasho Choki Dorji was approached by children who were interested to learn arts but could not get admission in the National Painting School due to qualification requirement. His interest and love for the profession and zeal to keep alive the zorig chusum (13 Arts and Crafts) inspired him to teach these children at his house. These students came from humble families far away, so he kept them in his house and provided free food and lodge. Soon enough the news spread and many parents started bringing their children. Thus the idea to establish a small school and provide learning opportunities for the economically and disadvantaged children was conceived.

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A part of the Druk Beyonder “Project CTAS” vlog series.

An in-depth insider view of the school and the students.

Celebration of the International Snow Leopard Day: Oct 23

Choki Traditional Art School in collaboration with WWF Bhutan.


Lhadi (Painting)

The art of painting gods and myths.

Patra (Carving)

The art of wood carving

Tshemdrup (embroidery)

The art of embroidery

Tshemzo (Tailoring)

The art of tailoring

Thagzo (Weaving)

The art of weaving


Lhadi (Painting)

The art of painting gods and myths.

Patra (Carving)

The art of wood carving

Tshemdrup (embroidery)

The art of embroidery

Tshemzo (Tailoring)

The art of tailoring

Thagzo (Weaving)

The art of weaving

Words from ALUMNI

“The school has provided me the opportunity to develop myself and now, not only am I able to support my family but I can also give back to the school by supporting the school as the chairman of the Alumni Association.”

“I am grateful to the school and all the well-wishers and supporters who have created such an opportunity and paving a bright future for youths like us. I wouldn’t be where I am without it and I am thankful and happy to be where I am now.”

– Thinley Dorji
Chairman of CTAS-AA

Did you know?


can pay for a student's food, tution and board for a day


The Choki Traditional Art School Alumni Association (CTAS-AA) was established in September 2014 with the objective of fostering connections between ex-students and the present students. This bond could benefit the present students and the school in the form of expertise, financial resources and sharing of best practices towards sustainable development of the school. 

Since its establishment, the CTAS-AA has continued to grow in terms of membership and its contribution to school.

CTAS alumni work across the country, preserving and promoting the arts and crafts.

"The Choki Traditional Art school has played a vital role in preserving Bhutan’s cultural heritage over the last 25 years. By teaching traditional arts to underprivileged children, this school has not only helped to preserve Bhutan’s rich cultural legacy but has also provided hope and opportunities to countless young people"
Koenrad Foulon
Major supporter who enabled girls education at the school in 2009
"The school provides a solid background and a skill level that makes the graduates able to generate income and become self employed."
Linda Learning

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Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am – 4pm

Saturday: 9am – 12pm

LUNCH BREAK : 12:15pm – 1: 15pm

School Calendar

Academic Year: March – December

Summer Break: 2 weeks in July

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Advanced Notice: Kindly inform us a few days before your visit for a more personalized experience.

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Sonam Yoezer: [email protected] (17463912)

Sangay Tshering Pelden (17667689)

Kabesa School

10km from Thimphu Town

Travel Time ~ 20 – 25 mins via car