Creative Skill Competition

Every year, the school holds the Creative Competition in the first semester of the year and involves all 5 courses, with the exception of the first years. The Creative Competition is considered to be quite a treat for the students since this is one of those rare occasions that students are allowed to express freedom in their art and craft. Since traditional arts and crafts are supposed to be made according to the ancient texts and prayers, students rarely get the opportunity to let their inner artist free. Which is why the Creative Competition is a rare opportunity for the students to show off their individual tastes and art styles.

Practical Skill Competition

In order to raise some healthy competitive spirit, students are encouraged to participate in the Annual Practical Skill Competition, which generally takes place in the second semester of the year. The Practical Skill competition is a school wide event that involves all five courses and three winners will be selected from each category and will be awarded a certificate at the end of the year. The Practical Skill Competition focuses on the speed and quality aspect of crafting and so, students are all given the same topic so that judging will be more effective and fair.


Trans Bhutan Trail!

CTAS Fundraising Challenge!

Koenraad & Lynne Foulon, long-time and major patrons of our school, are organizing a fundraising trek to benefit CTAS beginning on 30th March of this year. 

For those who wish to follow the intrepid adventurers from 30 March to 12 April, you can follow us on: