Student Activities


- Inter-House Debate Competition

- Inter-House Quiz Competition

- Inter-House Extemporare Speech Competition

Organic Gardening


- Inter-House Basketball Competition

- Inter-House Volleyball Competition

- Inter-House Khuru (wooden darts) Competition

Zero Waste Hour

Every second day of the month, our school embraces the “Zero Waste Hour,” inspired by Her Majesty the Queen’s “My Waste, My Responsibility” campaign launched in June 2019. This monthly event focuses on a school-wide cleaning effort, extending to the surrounding community, to promote responsible waste management and sustainable living. The ongoing commitment to this initiative has earned appreciation from the village headman and locals, recognizing the school’s vital role in fostering behavioral change, maintaining cleanliness, and raising awareness about responsible waste management.


- Teacher's Day

- Fresher's Nite

- Graduation Night

Annual School Rimdo

Study Tour

The CTAS Study Tour is a ten day field trip for final year students to gain new experiences by exposing them to places relevant to their learning.

School Foundation Day

Every year, the school observes May 17th as its School Foundation Day, commemorating the establishment of the school in 1999. The Foundation Day celebrations bring together the school community and expresses gratitude to the supporters, featuring cultural performances that reflect the ongoing dedication to nurturing artistic talents and upholding the values of our cultural heritage.


- Mock Drills

- Fire Safety Demonstrations

School Picnic