Student Admission 2024

Choki Traditional Art School is pleased to announce the following vacancy for 19 boys and 28 girls in the traditional art and crafts skills training.

Patra/wood carving12

The criteria for admission are:

  1. Student applicants must be from economically disadvantaged families and who could not get opportunity in the National Institutes of Zorig Chusum;
  2. Candidates should be within the age range of 14 to 20 years;
  3. Candidate should be genuinely interested in the program and must have some basic aptitudes for the skills;
  4. The school will provide free education including food and lodging.

The admission form is available:

  1. Here on this website;
  2. At Kawangjangsa 5D and Boonserm Tours and Travel located in Choki Khangzang Kawangjangsa
  3. At the school

For further inquiry contact: 17649144 / 77332139/ 17463912

Requirement & Information:

  • –  ID Card copy of both student and parents/Guardian.
  • –  Two Passport size photographs of student and 2 legal stamps.
  • –  Medical fitness certificate
  • –  NOC from the police & previous school/institute/ monastery.

 MUST bring parents/Guardian to avail the sponsorship during interview on.

The 2024 Admission Interview is confirmed to be held on March 11 @ 9:00am

Please submit the registration form by email to Madam Gyem Beda (ADM):

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 77332139 / 17388273

You can bring the other documents during the time of the interview.

For further details, please contact Madam Gyem Bidha.

For further enquiry contact: 17649144/77332139/17112332/17603135.

Telephone # 361077         E-mail : [email protected]