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Choki Traditional Arts School is a private art school, especially for financially disadvantaged youth who have a keen interest in traditional Bhutanese art. At CTAS, we value every well-wisher and their valuable contribution towards building our school, helping these disadvantaged students, and contributing towards the preservation and promotion of our unique culture and tradition of Bhutan.

Here are ways that you can support our school:


Student Sponsorship

Sponsor a student and make a difference in the life of Bhutanese youth.

Operational Budget

The school operational budget is met through sales of school products (30%) and the remaining budgetary deficit (70%) is met through donations from well wishers and supporters. We would be highly grateful for contributions towards the budgetary deficit.

Sustainability Fund

Towards ensuring the sustainability of the school in the long run, a sustainability trust fund was established in 2015. Any contributions to this fund will be very beneficial and highly appreciated.

For any inquiries or details, please contact us at:

Tax Deductible

In order to receive tax deductions, please make a donation through one of these foundations:

Himalayan Youth Foundation

106 S.Interlachan Avenue #619
Winter Park, F13278

Fontana Foundation

Sunnhaldenstrasse West 42


Since its establishment in 1999, CTAS has come a long way and it would not have been possible without the support received from the well-wishers, both within the country and abroad. The school is very grateful to all the supporters who have helped us over the years.


When the school first started with five students, Kuenzang D. Thinley of the Choki Handicrafts contributed a part of its revenue for the school’s daily operation until 2004.

Mr. David Bidwell and Micheline Kramer, Himalayan Youth Foundation (HYF), USA help build a 100-bed boy’s dorm, the renovation of the old building with a prayer room and has been a primary supporter since 2005 covering most of the capital as well as the operational expenses until 2009.  HYF is still supporting the school to receive donations from well-wishers (USA and Switzerland) with tax deductions.



Mr. Koenraad Foulon and his daughter Leila financed the construction of the girls’ hostel, enabling CTAS to enroll girls students, as well as other infrastructure development (construction of kitchen & multipurpose hall, classroom, and other site developments). Furthermore, through his support, the school has received contributions from Capital Group to finance a water heating system for students, fencing, drainage, CCTV, furniture house as well as sponsorship for girls’ education.

Apart from this capital project, he is still helping the school with the Operation Budget.

Ministry of Labour & Human Resources (MoLHR) sponsored 89 students from 2009 to 2015.



Mr. Mario Fontana, Fontana Foundation financed the operational budgetary gap from 2010 until 2018.

The Ustinov Foundation has been supporting the school on creativity skills since 2016 and has enhanced the tailoring and embroidery program at the school.



Through matching grant support, Mr. Alan Bickell and his wife Patricia Bickell helped the construction of the new classroom building “Sherab Khangzang” which was completed in 2021. The Bickell’s have also launched a campaign to support the school with another matching grant support to construct a new multipurpose hall.

Ministry of Labour & Human Resources (MoLHR) sponsored 89 students from 2009 to 2015.



Mr. Thomas Trub of the Dariu Foundation has supported the school with IT equipment and provided donations to meet part of the budgetary gap.

Khyentse Foundation Ashoka Grant supports the school in meeting 30% of the operational budget in 2022.


Alternative ways to support us

We would like to remind our sponsors and donors that your support will not only help these disadvantaged students but it will also immensely contribute towards the preservation and promotion of our unique culture and tradition of Bhutan.

Buy our Products

All the products are carefully crafted by our students and sold to sustain and further improve the school. By purchasing our products, you obtain authentic handcrafted Bhutanese souvenirs and gain a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment of being able to support our school.

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For all our well wishers and supporters, who would like to visit Bhutan and CTAS, we would like to highly recommend using the service of Boonserm Tours & Travels. They will handle everything including visa application, Drukair ticket, custom itinerary personalized to your needs and all other logistic arrangements for the guests. Boonserm Tours & Travels is a supporter of Choki Traditional Art School.

For more information about visiting Bhutan, please mail to : [email protected]

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am – 4pm

Saturday: 9am – 12pm

LUNCH BREAK : 12:15pm – 1: 15pm

School Calendar

Academic Year: March – December

Summer Break: 2 weeks in July

Visitor Information

Advanced Notice: Kindly inform us a few days before your visit for a more personalized experience.

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Sonam Yoezer: [email protected] (17463912)

Sangay Tshering Pelden (17667689)

Kabesa School

10km from Thimphu Town

Travel Time ~ 20 – 25 mins via car

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