Zero Waste Hour 2022

On 2nd June 2022, coinciding with the coronation of His Majesty the Fourth King and as part of the “Zero waste Hour” initiatives, the school organized a mass cleaning campaign around the vicinity of the school. Zero waste Hour campaign with the theme “My waste, my responsibility” was launched by Her Majesty the Queen on 2nd June 2019 with the aim to instill a behavioral change for proper waste management and practicing a sustainable consumption lifestyle.

Observing this important day, every 2nd day of the new month provides an opportunity for the school to serve the community in maintaining a clean environment, as we believe the state of cleanliness of society represents the mindset.  

Zero Waste Hour 2022


Construction of a New Multipurpose Hall!

We would like to announce the construction of a new Multipurpose Hall!

Alan and Patricia Bickell have once again offered to provide a matching grant in support for this new multipurpose hall construction proposal.

Please support us in this endeavor to create and improve a conducive learning environment for the underprivileged Bhutanese youth.