Alumni General Meeting 2021

The Alumni general meeting was held on 27th November 2021. It featured presentations and updates on the support received from the alumni 2021, including membership updates and fees collected to support the school.

The meeting also saw the election of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairmen, and Assistants for coordination of program and support 2022. CTAS is glad to have this Association going strong in promoting affiliation among the graduates with shared values so that the environment we have created remains vibrant, reflective, and relevant. 

Alumni General Meeting 2021


Construction of a New Multipurpose Hall!

We would like to announce the construction of a new Multipurpose Hall!

Alan and Patricia Bickell have once again offered to provide a matching grant in support for this new multipurpose hall construction proposal.

Please support us in this endeavor to create and improve a conducive learning environment for the underprivileged Bhutanese youth.